Multimodality of communication in children:
gestures, emotions, language and cognition

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Submission: Individual Communication

Format and content of individual submissions:
  • Abstracts must represent original, unpublished research.
  • Each submission should be clearly titled.
  • Abstract must be completely blinded (i.e., no authors info)

No abstract should exceed 600 words: the abstract should include enough detail to allow reviewers to judge the scientific merits of the study. For oral presentations, 20-minute slots will be available (including discussion time). Posters will be given specific slots. Conference organizers encourage the submission of posters, as experience has taught us that they often prompt more stimulating interaction and result in more lasting and fruitful contacts than oral presentations.
Note that abstracts should not be programmatic; they should be based on research that has been completed or has reached an advanced stage, with a well-formulated research question and clear descriptions of the theoretical framework, methodological approach and types of data used.
If you require any further information, please contact the Multimod 2009 conference organizers:
The abstracts of the accepted papers, posters and symposia will be made available to all registered conference participants. After the conference, the organizers intend to publish a selection of the papers accepted for the conference as a collective work and/or a special issue of a journal.
Please find below template which must be used during the abstract submission process.Template

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