Multimodality of communication in children:
gestures, emotions, language and cognition

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Submission: Symposia

Symposia are collections of 3-4 individual paper presentations that relate to a narrowly-defined topic of interest. As they are offered in 90-minute sessions, we suggest that each individual paper should last 20 minutes, including discussion time.
Each symposium session will have an organizer and a chair, and could also have a discussant. Details on the organizer and the chair should be included in the submission; the organizer and the chair can be the same person.

The organizer of each symposium is the person responsible for:
  • Securing the cooperation of all the participants who are to be involved in the symposium before the proposal is submitted.
  • Submitting the summary and all the individual abstracts on the on-line system.
  • Deciding on the internal structure of the symposium.

IMPORTANT: The organizer will be the only person who receives the information on the symposium and it will be his or her responsibility to pass this information on to the individual paper authors.

The chair of each symposium is the person responsible for chairing the session.

Format and content of symposium submissions
  • Abstracts must represent original, unpublished research.
  • Proposals for symposia will include a summary of all studies with a clearly-defined common theme. Sufficient detail should be provided to allow peer reviewers to judge the scientific merit of the proposal.
  • The symposium summary and individual paper abstracts should be no longer than 600 words each.
  • The symposium proposal and each abstract therein should be clearly titled and include the individual paper titles.
  • The symposium proposal and each abstract must be completely blinded (i.e., no authors info)

Please find below template which must be used during the abstract submission process.Template

To submit your symposium, you must connect the following site:
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Webmaster : Isabelle Rousset